Gordon Ramsay Cookware

Gordon Ramsay cookware set

Welcome to the world of Gordon Ramsay Cookware, where we bring you top-quality tools recommended by the legendary chef himself. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of each piece, helping you cook like a pro and elevate your culinary game.

Henckels Knives: A classic German brand known for its durable, well-balanced knives. They offer a wide range of styles, from hefty chef’s knives to nimble paring knives. These are workhorses built to last.

Wüsthof Knives: Another top German brand, Wüsthof knives are similar to Henckels in their focus on durability and precision. They often feature a slightly heavier blade, favored by those who want a powerful feel when chopping.

Global Knives: These Japanese knives stand out for their lightweight design and razor-sharp edges. They offer exceptional precision and agility, ideal for intricate slicing tasks.

Shun Knives: Shun brings beautiful Japanese craftsmanship to the forefront. Their knives feature stunning layered steel blades and are renowned for their sharpness, edge retention, and comfortable handles.

Why Gordon Likes It: HexClad features a patented hybrid design of stainless steel for searing and non-stick for easy cleanup and low-fat cooking. The pans are durable, versatile, and work on all stovetops.

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Why Gordon Likes It: All-Clad is known for its exceptional, professional-grade construction. The stainless steel provides perfect heat distribution, durability, and warp resistance. It’s a classic for a reason.

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Why Gordon Likes It:  Scanpan offers durable, high-quality non-stick options, and they are known for using PFOA-free non-stick coatings.

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Why Gordon Likes It:   Copper offers incredible heat conductivity, meaning it heats up quickly and responds rapidly to temperature changes. Mauviel is a heritage brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship.

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Which Gordon Ramsay cookware to choose?


If you’re a culinary powerhouse… Choose Henckels or Wüsthof.

  • These German heavyweights are built for those who tackle demanding kitchen tasks. They’re incredibly durable, have the heft to handle tough ingredients, and provide years of reliable use.
  • Think of them as the loyal workhorses supporting your boldest recipes.

If you prioritize meticulous precision… Global is your weapon of choice.

  • Global knives are incredibly lightweight with razor-sharp edges. Slicing, dicing, and intricate cuts become effortless with their unmatched nimbleness.
  • These are the choice for chefs who value a scalpel-like feel in their knives.

If you want beauty and performance… Shun is the answer.

  • Shun knives are works of art. Their gorgeous Damascus-style blades and comfortable handles make them a joy to use.
  • Their incredible sharpness and edge retention mean less frequent sharpening, making them a great investment for serious home cooks.


If you want the best of both worlds… Choose HexClad!

  • Gordon Ramsay is head over heels for HexClad, and it’s easy to see why. Their hybrid design gives you the amazing sear of stainless steel with an easy-clean nonstick surface.
  • This is the perfect choice for someone who wants professional-level cooking results without the fuss of traditional stainless steel maintenance.
  • Think of it as an investment in delicious meals and less clean-up time.

If you’re a culinary purist… All-Clad is the way to go.

  • All-Clad is the classic kitchen workhorse. Chefs have relied on its unbeatable heat distribution and durability for decades.
  • This brand is perfect if you want cookware that’ll last a lifetime and gives you precise control over everything you cook.
  • Master any recipe with All-Clad by your side.

If easy cooking and clean-up are your top priority… Scanpan is your friend.

  • Scanpan is known for its excellent non-stick surfaces that make cooking and cleaning an absolute breeze. Plus, they use PFOA-free coatings for a healthier choice.
  • This is ideal if you want to cook delicious meals, even delicate items, with minimal oil and without fear of food sticking.
  • Make those omelettes and fish filets with confidence thanks to Scanpan.

If you value precise cooking and beautiful presentation… Mauviel copper is the statement piece.

  • Copper cookware heats up lightning-fast AND cools down just as quickly, giving you unparalleled control over temperature.
  • Mauviel is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen and perfect if you love the classic look of copper.
  • Be warned: copper does require some extra maintenance, but the rewards are delicious.

Our advice: Consider your cooking style carefully!

  • Are you all about the latest tech? HexClad is a great fit.
  • Do you want no-nonsense cookware built to last? It’s All-Clad.
  • Want easy cooking? Scanpan’s your answer.
  • Precise control and a love of tradition? Consider Mauviel.
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